Dreischor EP

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The new songs were written during a stay in a B&B in Dreischor, beginning of last year. They are centered around the theme of human vulnerability and strength, and the sea plays an important role as a sleeping-giant backdrop.

The origin of the word Dreischor lies in the Dutch word 'schor', which is an old Dutch word for a tidal marsh that is only flooded on exceptionally high tides. It happens so rarely that the land is cultivated, but of course the threat is always present. Our lives are similar this way, where we forget about how fragile we are, and our world can change in a heartbeat.

Handcrafted EP, comes as 4-track CD in cardboard sleeve, designed by Ron Ariëns (grondontwerp.nl) and drawings by Samuel Adams (cargocollective.com/SamuelAdams). With a splash of REAL sea water. Only 100 made!

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